Irish Red Ale - Tuesday, February 11

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Irish Red Ale - Tuesday, February 11

Postby stlmalt » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:06 am

Brewing an Irish Red Ale with chocolate rye malt
When: Tuesday, February 11. Burners on at sun up and will brew all day.
Where: New Melle / Defiance area (over the river and through the woods). 2 Gastons Trail Ct.
Stop in. Plenty of parking, fresh air, sounds of nature, lots of elbow room and homebrew.

Irish Red Ale - 10.5 gal - All grain with fly sparging. 4 vessel system - HLT, Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle. Propane fired.

Brew Day Results-
10 gal
OG: 1.055
Fermentor Temp: 60.4 Degrees F
Strain: Irish Ale Yeast (Guinness strain) - WLP004

Mash pH: 5.41
pH wort pre-boil: 5.32
OG wort pre-boil: 1.045

Cooling Water temp: 44 Degrees F
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