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Alpha Brewing Company's Equipment

Postby DerrickfromAlpha » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:24 pm

Our Brewery, Alpha Brewing Company, is currently expanding to a larger system and we do not have the space for our original system. We started our brewery in April of 2013 and have been continually operating since. It truly is a fantastic starter system. We hate to sell it but frankly we dont have the room for a second brew system at our new facility.

The system we have been brewing on is a 2.5BBL Steam Jacketed all hard piped triclover fitting system. We have 5, 5BBL fermenters. We are looking to sell the entire brewery as a package.

Ferms (including solenoid electronic control valves and controller, pressure gauge, all parts and fittings pictured),

Approx 80 1/2BBL, 10 1/4BBL and 10 1/6thBBL kegs.

Brewhouse (3 pumps including mash kettle and HLT pumps, wort chiller with the ability to plumb glycol, 5BBL HLT, 15gal open air grant),

Electric Steam Generator (Sussman ES-24), Glycol System (Pro 2HP ChilStar Micro Chiller System, Model # PE102D1R420-A, Capacity: 16,728 BTU/HR based on 28F glycol and 90F ambient temperatures),

Valves, Hoses, Controllers, Walk in condensing unit which runs off the glycol system, and even the draught system complete with 14 regulators, keg couples, drip tray, faucets and glass rinser.

The brewery was originally purchased new from Criveller Corp in Niagara, Ontario. We were so happy with the system we purchased our larger new system with them as well. The entire system runs on electric. Its a truly plug and play set up. The steam system for the brewhouse can be reused at a new location. The glycol system will have to be repiped to fit your space. The brewery is still operational and will be until the end of November 2017 if you’d like to come brew on it. Asking $60k for the entire set up.

Call or Email Derrick 314-651-0936
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