April Meeting Bottle Share Beers are ready

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April Meeting Bottle Share Beers are ready

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The April meeting bottle share beers are ready for pick up now MO Malt in Fenton and through the the day of the meeting - April 7.

There is a 7 pack this month. There is a limited supply so please stop by sooner rather than later.

Monthly bottle shares are a great way to get feedback on your beers while we are still doing Zoom virtual meetings.

Below is the featured beer schedule. Brew for a few meetings or go for the entire cycle.


April Featured Beer Styles-

British Bitter
11A – Ordinary Bitter
11B – Best Bitter
11C – Strong Bitter

Pale Commonwealth Beer
12A – British Golden Ale
12B - Australian Sparkling Ale
12C – English IPA Brown British Beer
13A – Dark Mild
13B – British Brown Ale
13C – English Porter

Dark British Beer
16A – Sweet Stout
16B – Oatmeal Stout
16C – Tropical Stout
16D – Foreign Extra Stout

American Porter/Stout
20A – American Porter
20B – American Stout
20C – Imperial Stout Historical Beer
Pre-Prohibition Porter London Brown Ale
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