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Indiana State Fair/ Indy Cup

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:12 pm
by tedon_63126
I am going to be taking over the shipping for competitions from Jeff Muse and one thing coming up is the Indy Cup at the Indiana State Fair. The deadline to get entries in is by June 21, however, I will be out of town from June 12 thru 19, so if you are an active member and want the club to help ship your entries, I can collect them at Wednesday's (June 6) meeting or I will need to get them from you by Sunday afternoon, June 10, so they can be shipped on the 11th. Also I will be gone most of Saturday, but send me a message if bringing entries to the meeting won't work, but if you want to get your entries in with club's shipping. Otherwise you may need to do it yourself. Ted