2003 Lift For Life Homebrew Competition

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Lift for Life homebrew competition by either entering beers or assisting in the judging. We had a total of 47 entries, and raised $250 for the organization.

Here are the winners of the competition. If you have any questions, contact me at 314-877-7800. Thanks! John Sterling

Light Lager Dark Lager
1st Place - Tim Fahrner: Helles Bock 1st Place - Mike Slawienski: Doppelbock
2nd Place - Tim Fahrner: Pils 2nd Place - Brian Peterson/Jerry Scheel: Schwarzbier
3rd Place - Tim Fahrner: Pils 3rd Place - John Rezentes: Traditional Bock
Light Ale Dark Ale
1st Place - Tim Fahrner: IPA 1st Place - Mike Beatty: Trappist Ale
2nd Place - Jack Baty: Wit 2nd Place - William Serra: Stout
3rd Place - Jack Baty: American Wheat 3rd Place - Sean Sweeney: American Barley Wine
Specialty Best of Show
1st Place - John Sterling: Peche Lambic

Tim Fahrner: IPA

2nd Place - Clint Toennies: Chili Beer
3rd Place - Tim Cooney/John Roderique/Calvin Stuart: Sweet Mead