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Typical Brews Meeting

A typical St. Louis Brews meeting.

When & where we meet

With COVID, we have been forced to hold our meetings via Zoom. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00. If you would like to participate in one of our Zoom meetings, please contact Ted O'Neill for access.


Contact Us
Ted O'Neill - President
Keith Reding -Vice President
Nick Slay - Treasurer
Heather Flaherty - Secretary
Dave Massey - Brewmeister

Mike Walters, William Nordmann - Webmeisters
Ted O'Neill - Jockey Box Reservations

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The St. Louis Brews is a club dedicated to the brewing, evaluation, and responsible consumption of homebrewed beers. At last count we had precisely 145 members or so.

What we do

We focus on a particular style, or styles for a given meeting. Please see the monthly meeting schedule on the home page.  Our members bring beers of that style, and we evaluate and compare against commercial examples. In most cases our members' homebrewed beers are better than the commercial examples! If you would like to bring a beer for evaluation at a meeting, we normally ask you to bring at least (12) 12oz. bottles or an equivalent amount of draft beer from a keg.  However, with COVID, we have to have whole bottles available for each person. We ask for 20 to 24 bottles of your beer. You can drop your beer off at Missouri Malt for distribution. Please let our Brewmeister know if you are bringing beer so we know how much to expect.

Is there a cost?

Membership is currently $35.00 per calendar yearWhen you become a member you receive a monthly newsletter, invitations to our two picnics, our National Homebrew Day celebration, and our end of year banquet, not to mention special events that come along such as brewery tours, meet & greets with brewing illuminati, beer tastings, etc. You also get a membership card that entitles you to special benefits around town, listed on our Friends of the Brews page. Want to give us a test drive before joining?  Come as a guest a few times.  Membership in the St. Louis Brews and attendance at our meetings is restricted to those 21 years of age and older.

We have set up a PayPal account to allow new and existing members to pay their membership dues.





We all have a great time. Hope to see you there!

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